Switch on power supply to make electricity more safe and convenient
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Switch on power supply to make electricity more safe and convenient

Author: Zhongyiguang .Ltd release time:2020-12-24 15:11:37CTR:

Power supply is widely used in daily life and work. Without power supply, many devices will not be able to be used and the society will make slow progress. Therefore, power supply is very important. But the use of power is also very dangerous, every year due to the improper use of electricity and a lot of accidents, so in order to better use of power has appeared the relevant safe use of electricity, the following will introduce the relevant content of switching power supply.

1.Product introduction

This kind of power supply can also be called switching converter etc. It is a kind of high-frequency power supply energy conversion equipment. Its primary function is to convert the voltage through a different framework to the desired voltage or the appropriate current. With the rapid progress of electric power technology, the power supply is closely related to People's Daily life and production, and its use has developed into an indispensable way of using electricity.

2. Introduction of main features

The reason why switching power supply will be widely used, mainly has the following characteristics: its volume is small, light weight, in these two aspects they have linear power supply of 20 to 30 percent; In addition, its function loss is small and its working efficiency is high. Its conversion efficiency is generally between 60% and 70%, while the corresponding linear power supply is only between 30% and 40%.

3. Description of the work environment

The output of the switching power supply is the DC power supply, which is high frequency rather than low frequency. Its devices are in the switching operating state rather than in the linear state. In the use of the appropriate input power and appropriate power, but also to consider the characteristics of the load.

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